Hearst Health Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

Hearst Corporation

Health data is a tool, no different than any other in the doctor’s bag. The difference is that electronic health data is a new tool. We all know what a stethoscope or a rubber hammer do. We can see them and feel them. We know how they work. We know why they’re useful. We have a tangible understanding of how they make a positive and meaningful impact on health.

Today, the value of these tools is unquestioned. But can you imagine what doctors and patients must have thought when they were first introduced? You’re going to hit me where? You’re going to listen to my heart and lungs? Why?

At the moment, data is a valued tool to some stakeholders in the health industry, but not all. Data will never truly to be valued, welcomed, and trusted until everyone—patients, physicians, payers, and administrators—intimately understand how this newest “tool in the doctor’s bag” will be used in the service of extending life, saving life, and making life worth living. Data is also potentially a tool for competitive differentiation, improved efficiency and profitability, and improved quality.

Data in service of life–the highest possible calling. Hearst Health crafts the tools that allow data to make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

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